Ch.A. Tukembaev


As a result of researches the rock drawing engraved on basalt is recognised (3-2 millenia B.C.), therefore are defined new features of Aryan culture. Features of stellar culture of Aryans (R1a) are: knowledge of mathematics, physics, magnetic field, sphericity and an inclination of the Earth's spin axis, expressed phenomenal, earlier unknown technics of engraving of the iridescent rainbow of the images – the "hologramme" on a stone under a drawing background. The data about haplogroup R1a are generalised and found, that the refuge of Aryan race R1a in a glacial period was in Fergana valley and Internal Tien Shan. At all times Kirghiz live in the refuge. In the refuge there is the two-headed mountain which, possibly, is connected with the Noah's ark. Aryans are investigated under a prism of the creation of the Great silk way.

Keywords: R1a haplogroup, star religion, recognition of image, petroglyphic drawing.

Choro Tukembaev

Тукембаев Чоро Абдылдаевич




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